Are There Sharks In Roatan?

Is Roatan windy?

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The east side of the island is windy all the time.

Kite sailing is popular there.

The west is calmer, although April can be windy at times..

What is Roatan known for?

The island of Roatan is located 30 miles off the north coast of Honduras atop the worlds second largest coral reef. The reef attracts many fish, and is world known for scuba diving. … Originally an English colony, and later ceded to Honduras, Roatan has a mixture of english and spanish speaking natives.

Are there Jaguars in Honduras?

Mammals In Honduras The iconic jaguar (Panthera onca) is one of the rarest species in all of Central America. Most frequently seen in mangrove areas, jaguars are an endangered species in Honduras.

Is Roatan Honduras expensive?

Overall Roatan is in the middle of most tourist destinations. It is more expensive then Mexico and Thailand, but then cheaper then the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Costa Rica. Honduras is part of the developing world so people expect it to be ridiculously cheap , but the fact that Roatan is an island dampens that.

Does Roatan have nice beaches?

The Caribbean island of Roatan is known for beautiful white sand beaches with glistening turquoise waters stretching out to the horizon. A fringing reef system surrounding the island means shallow, protected waters with very few waves this is the perfect formula for amazing beaches.

Can you still swim with Jaguars in Roatan?

The Jaguar swim is no longer an option. … You’ll have an opportunity to see our Jaguars in their sanctuary but we are currently not offering the swim experience.

Are there snakes on Roatan Honduras?

The majority of snakes on Roatan are boa constrictors, and what the islanders like to call “Captain Sawyers”. Nearly all are constrictor-type snakes, and the only venomous snake is the coral snake, which hardly anyone has seen and there are no recorded bites on Roatan.

Are there sloths in Roatan Honduras?

The Daniel Johnson Monkey & Sloth Hangout has grown into a favorite animal excursion for travelers to Roatan. The Sloth is the main attraction. … The Sloth Sanctuary is located in French Harbor, only 40 minutes away from Roatan’s popular West End.

Where can I hold a sloth in Roatan?

Daniel Johnson’s Monkey & Sloth Hangout is a quaint animal park sanctuary in French Cay, Roatan. This island attraction is a must for exotic animal lovers wishing to interact with Roatan sloths, Capuchin Monkeys, Scarlet Macaws, and parrots!

How safe is Utila?

It is generally safe to walk around the main areas of Utila at night, though of course, you need to be smart about it. … You should also be sure to have a lock for your bicycle or a place to lock it indoors at night to be on the safe side. Travelers are generally treated very well on Utila.

Are there sharks in Utila?

Utila is lucky enough to be one of the only places on the planet where Whale Sharks are documented year round so no matter when you travel to Utila, there’s a chance you’ll be lucky enough to swim with one.

Are there monkeys on Roatan?

Gumbalimba Park has 19 Capuchin monkeys living there. They are not indigenous to Roatan, but they are to Honduras. The original four monkeys were owner-surrendered pets, and we could see why monkeys don’t make good pets.

What language is spoken in Roatan Honduras?

EnglishEnglish has been the primary language spoken on Roatan since the late 1700’s when English “Privateers” and Pirates begun to settled on Roatan.

Are there crocodiles in Roatan Honduras?

There are crocodiles, about six species of frogs, and several lizard species on Roatan. … The Coral Snake is the only known venomous snake found on Roatan.

Are there tarantulas in Honduras?

While tarantulas are the biggest spider found in Honduras, they are not particularly dangerous to humans. … They are found in the rainforests of Honduras and Costa Rica and prefer living in burrows in a warm environment.

What language do they speak in Utila?

Bay Islands EnglishBay Islands English is an English variety spoken on the Bay Islands Department (Guanaja, Roatán, Utila), Honduras.

What are 3 interesting facts about Honduras?

Honduras FactsThe National Bird of Honduras is the Scarlet Macaw.Ninety percent of Honduras’s population is mestizo: a mix of Amerindian and European ancestry. … Utila, Honduras, is a seasonal feeding site of the whale shark – the world’s largest fish.More than 50 percent of Honduras lives below poverty levels.

Is diving better in Roatan or Utila?

The best diving in Honduras is in the Bay Islands. These comprise Roatan, Utila and Guanaja which are part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Of these, Utila has the better diving, and has the added advantage of being cheaper than Roatan. Stand-out dives include The Canyons and Black Hills.

Is it safe to drink the water in Roatan?

Tap water is not recommended to drink in Roatan. All good restaurants and hotels will provide purified water or use purified water in food preparation. Purified water can be bought easily throughout the country.

Is Roatan Honduras safe?

And while Roatan’s safety rating is lumped in with mainland Honduras, Roatan is separate in geography, culture, and safety. While no separate safety or crime statistics are kept for Roatan, an abundance of evidence strongly suggests that Roatan is a world apart from its mainland connection to Honduras.

What is the best time of year to go to Roatan?

December through March is still always a great time to visit. High season prices apply to accommodation during this time of year. April, May and June are quieter. It still rains, but mostly at night, there aren’t any real northerly winds and the island doesn’t have as many people on it.