Do I Have To Use My Legal Name On PayPal?

Can I use a fake name on PayPal?

For example, PayPal’s sign-up process can be completed with a fake name.

They’ll have no ability to verify your identity unless you want to transfer your money somewhere else.

To do that, you’ll have to verify your identity or link your bank account..

How do I put money in someone’s PayPal account?

Sending Money With PayPal To get started, log in to your PayPal account and enter the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number. Select the amount of money and type of currency you want to send. If you use your PayPal account balance or linked bank account to make the payment there’s no fee to use the service.

Can I use a credit card with a different name on PayPal?

Can we use others card (Visa/MasterCard) to verify PayPal? Answer: Yes. PayPal doesn’t check the name on the card. You can use anyone’s card, any bank’s card to verify your PayPal account, as long as you get 4-digit code in the transaction and get verified with PayPal.

How long does it take to change name on PayPal?

Within 3-5 business days you should hear back from PayPal in your email. They will change your name according to the files you submitted.

Can you use PayPal without a card or bank account?

You can use PayPal without a credit or debit card on file, though you’re somewhat limited in what you can do on the platform.

What information do buyers see on PayPal?

PayPal requires sellers to only ship items to buyers registered name and address on his/hers PayPal account. You can not ask sellers to ship to someone else. When you pay for goods, the seller will get the name and address and phone number that you registered when signing up with PayPal.

Can I use PayPal without Social Security number?

Currently, you can send and receive small amounts of money via Paypal without giving in your Social Security Number. At a certain threshold, they’ll stop you and request your SSN and DOB. Under the new rules, it sounds like you won’t be able to have a Cash Account at all without inputting your SSN and DOB.

If PayPal should discover your ruse, your account would be frozen immediately. … As the others have said, using a fake name happens all the time on PayPal, but it is against the terms of service and is grounds for immediate suspension.

What happens if I send money to someone without a PayPal account?

Re: Can you send money to someone without a PayPal account? You can send money to anyone with an email address but in order to claim the funds they would have to open a PayPal account. What happens is that you send the money to their email address, they get an email letting them know they have received funds.

How do I change my display name in PayPal?

How to change your name on PayPalUsing an internet browser, log into your account on PayPal’s website. Click the gear at the top-right of the screen to access your settings. … The settings page will show the name that’s currently tied to your PayPal account. … The update page gives you three options to change your name, each with its own requirements.

Can I change the name on my PayPal account?

Yes you can! Navigate to Profile tab > Profile and Settings > Business Information Tab (Only if you’re a merchant) > under Name click change. If there’s a huge change in your name. Firstly, PayPal would ask you to submit legal documents to prove your identify.

Does your name appear on PayPal?

Your business name appears on all PayPal transactions and emails. Your Business account retains all of the transaction records and history from your previous account.

How do I pay someone on PayPal without an account?

How to send money through PayPal without an accountStep 1: Click on ‘Pay now’ in the email or invoice you’ve received. Assuming you’ve received the email detailing the payment, simply click on the ‘Pay now’ button. … Step 2: Enter your credit or debit card details. … Step 3: Confirm the payment.

Can you give money anonymously on PayPal?

You can easily send money to your friend and family both directly and anonymously through PayPal. In the PayPal, you have to sign with your mail id and send money to others. … You can easily transfer money anonymously by using some different mail id. The recipient can’t able to identify the person through the mail id.