How Long Does BankMobile Take To Process Refunds?

How long after disbursement date will I get my refund?

Financial Aid Refunds This typically happens two business days after the disbursement date.

Refunds will be mailed to you, unless you sign up for direct deposit..

How do you know if you get a refund from financial aid?

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible for a Refund? Keep up to date with your account balances at school. Most schools have an online portal that allows students to easily monitor what they owe. If your balance indicates that you are owed a refund, contact your school’s financial aid office to coordinate disbursement.

Why did I get a BankMobile check?

On occasion, your school may have money for you in the form of a refund. Some of the reasons you might receive money include: dropping or canceling a class, or the receipt of Financial Aid or a grant. In these cases, the school will send the refund to BankMobile to be disbursed to you.

How long does it take for a refund to show up in your bank account?

A refund for a cancelled order which was originally made using a credit or debit card may take up to five days to show on your credit/bank statement but typically appears in 24-48 hours depending on your bank.

Can I trust BankMobile?

BankMobile believes its banking application is more secure than online banking due to encryption techniques. Information is not stored to the device with BankMobile’s app on it, so account details cannot be pulled up without a password.

What bank does BankMobile use?

Customers BankBankMobile, a division of Customers Bank, Member FDIC.

How do I track my BankMobile refund?

How will I know when my money has been sent? BankMobile will send you an email to the email address you entered during refund selection. You can also set-up text alerts or view your refund status online at

How do I check my financial aid refund?

To check on the status of financial aid being disbursed to you or your account, check with the financial aid office at your college or career school. Note: If you submitted a paper FAFSA form, you can check the status of your application after it has been processed (roughly seven to ten days from the date mailed).

What happens if I don’t use all my financial aid money?

Your school will still send you a refund check in this case, but keep in mind that the money you receive is still borrowed money. You will accrue interest on it, and you will have to repay that principal amount.

Is BankMobile a good bank?

As its name suggests, BankMobile offers convenient and secure electronic access to its digital banking services. … As of this writing, funds deposited with BankMobile are insured by the FDIC (up to applicable limits), and it offers access to a large fee-free network of over 50,000 ATMs across the United States.

Is BankMobile refund legit?

The ITS Help Desk has received numerous inquiries about an email from BankMobile asking students to select a delivery message for their refund. This message is legitimate and requires action on the part of the student. … You will continue to receive these emails until you make a selection.

Why is my refund not showing in my bank?

There is always a possibility that your bank account info was incorrect. If your bank has not received the refund amount, call the IRS. In the event the IRS has not been able to deposit your refund into your bank account, they will eventually notify you and will send you a check in the mail.

What time does BankMobile release funds?

Typically, it takes 1 – 2 business days for the receiving bank to credit the money to your account. Option 2: Electronic Deposit to a BankMobile Vibe account- Upon identity verification you will get a reloadable MasterCard debit card, money is deposited the same business day BankMobile receives funds from GSU.

How long does a financial aid refund direct deposit take?

The money will be deposited into your account in two to three business days. Make sure the refund is in your account before you try to use the money. If for any reason your bank won’t accept the funds, we’ll let you know.

Do I have to pay back my financial aid refund?

If you receive a refund from unused federal student loan money, you’re free to keep it, but remember you’re still borrowing that money. You will need to pay any federal loan money refunded to you, with interest, starting six to nine months after you graduate.