Question: What Is The Opposite Of Dark?

What is the opposite of pitch black?

What is the opposite of pitch-black?brightbrightenedilluminedlightlightedlightsomelitlucentlucidluminous6 more rows.

What is opposite of dirty?

soiled, unclean: bright, decent, orderly, pure, upright, nice, moral, spotless, tidy, neat, sterile, ordered, good.

What are the 10 examples of antonyms?

Types of Antonyms Examples include: boy – girl, off – on, night – day, entrance – exit, exterior – interior, true – false, dead – alive, push – pull, pass – fail.

What is pitch white?

a resinous exudation from the spruce fir or Norway spruce, Picea excelsa; has been used as a counterirritant in the form of a plaster. Synonym(s): white pitch.

What is the synonym and antonym of dark?

ˈdɑːrk) Absence of light or illumination. Synonyms. blackout darkness total darkness blackness semidarkness lightlessness brownout night dimout black pitch blackness illumination. Antonyms. light intemperate compact indigestible demanding.

How do you describe darkness?

dark. adjective. lacking light.dimly. adverb. in a way that does not provide much light.dusky. adjective. literary dark, because of shadows or because night is coming.pitch-black. adjective. completely black or dark.pitch-dark. adjective. … the recesses of something. phrase. … shadow. noun. … under cover of night/darkness. phrase.More items…

What does dullness mean?

dullness, obtuseness(noun) the quality of being slow to understand. dullness(noun) the quality of lacking interestingness. “the stories were of a dullness to bring a buffalo to its knees”

What’s another word for dark skin?

What is another word for dark-skinned?swarthydarkdark-complexionedduskysallowtannedbrowntanblackswart33 more rows

What is the feminine gender of child?

ExamplesMasculineFeminineGender neutralboygirlchilduncleaunthusbandwifespouseactoractress6 more rows

What is a pitch black?

: extremely dark or black a pitch-black night.

What is a synonym for dark?

SYNONYMS. black, pitch black, pitch dark, inky, jet black, unlit, unlighted, unilluminated, ill-lit, poorly lit. starless, moonless, dim, dingy, gloomy, dusky, indistinct, shadowy, shady. leaden, overcast, sunless.

What word is darkness?

noun. the state or quality of being dark: The room was in total darkness. absence or deficiency of light: the darkness of night. wickedness or evil: Satan, the prince of darkness.

What is the opposite word of child?

Antonym of ChildWordAntonymChildGrownup, Parent, Adult, Grown upGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the opposite of late?

What is the opposite of late?earlypunctualprecociouson timeahead of timein advanceaheadreadyadvancedforward8 more rows

What is another name for dark brown?

What is another word for dark brown?darkbrunettebayumbertanmahoganybrownishbeigesepiabuff57 more rows

What shadow means?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : the dark figure cast upon a surface by a body intercepting the rays from a source of light. 2 : partial darkness or obscurity within a part of space from which rays from a source of light are cut off by an interposed opaque body. 3 : a small degree or portion : trace.

What is the opposite word dark?

Antonym of Dark Word. Antonym. Dark. Light. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.