Question: What’S Another Word For Status?

What is the word status?

a social or professional position, condition, or standing to which varying degrees of responsibility, privilege, and esteem are attached.

the relative position or standing of a person or thing.

a high position or standing; prestigehe has acquired a new status since he has been in that job..

What are examples of status?

Status is our relative social position within a group, while a role is the part our society expects us to play in a given status. For example, a man may have the status of father in his family.

What is another name for status?

What is another word for status?standingprestigegood namesocial standingsocial positionizzatordersituationestaterespect228 more rows

What’s another word for status update?

What is another word for status update?newsinformationleaktidingsknowledgenoticesummarytalkupdatecommuniqué172 more rows

What’s another word for currently?

What is another word for currently?nowjustpresentlyright nowat the present momentat the present timeat this momentat the minuteat the momentjust now8 more rows