Quick Answer: How Do You Describe A Dirty Person?

Is filthy a bad word?

Filthy is a dirty word.

Sure, you can say it aloud in public, but it means “dirty” — like your dirty laundry pile by the end of the week.

The joy of filthy really lies in the limitless range of its usage..

What is a fancy word for clean?

washed, scrubbed, cleansed, cleaned, polished. spotless, unsoiled, unstained, unspotted, unsullied, unblemished, immaculate, pristine, speckless, dirt-free. hygienic, sanitary, disinfected, sterilized, sterile, aseptic, decontaminated, healthy.

How do you describe a house?

You can use the following adjectives to describe your home:Big.Beautiful.Comfortable.Cosy.Huge.Small.Homely.

What is the opposite of good?

Here are some examples of antonyms for the word “good”: bad, evil, ill, malevolent, malicious, wicked.

What is the opposite of dirty?

soiled, unclean: bright, decent, orderly, pure, upright, nice, moral, spotless, tidy, neat, sterile, ordered, good.

What means scruffy?

: unkempt, slovenly, shaggy a scruffy neighborhood a scruffy beard.

What is the definition of messy?

characterized by a dirty, untidy, or disordered condition: a messy room. causing a mess: a messy recipe; messy work. embarrassing, difficult, or unpleasant: a messy political situation.

How do you describe a dirty house?

If someone’s house or apartment is messy, here are some phrases and English expressions that you can use to describe it: There are clothes strewn all over the floor. There’s food splattered all over the microwave. … There’s moldy food in the refrigerator.

How would you describe a scruffy person?

The definition of scruffy is someone or something that is unkempt and untidy. A messy beard that you do not take care of is an example of a scruffy beard. adjective.

What does it mean when a drink is dirty?

“Dirty” simply refers to the addition of olive juice or brine. It’s a classic cocktail that is very easy to mix up and one of the most popular variations on the original gin martini. You can make this drink as dirty as you like by pouring the olive juice to suit your taste.

How do you describe a town?

A list of useful words for describing cities, towns and countries.ancient – a place that has a long history. … beautiful – very pleasing on the eye. … boring – dull and not very interesting. … bustling – a crowded, busy place. … charming – nice, very pleasing. … contemporary – modern, very up to date.More items…

What is another word for scruffy?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for scruffy, like: scraggly, unkempt, mangy, messy, rough, shabby, tidy, kempt, seedy, untidy and smooth.

What is dirty laundry?

: private matters whose public exposure brings distress and embarrassment. — called also dirty linen.

How do you describe a dark night?

Describing Words Here are some adjectives for dark night: now full, gusty, tenth, slightly less, wan, timeless, cold, blacker, longest, long, uncommon, ongoing, cool, misty, warm, devilish, clear, fateful, darkest, real, deep, endless, mild, soft, whole, stormy, next, mighty, sad, last.

What is the opposite of beautiful?

Antonym of BeautifulWordAntonymBeautifulUglyGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is another word for a dirty person?

What is another word for dirty?filthygrubbymuddyfoulmuckysulliedpollutedsmudgedstainedunclean222 more rows

How do you describe dirty clothes?

Synonymsskanky. adjective. informal very unpleasant or dirty.scruffy. adjective. untidy or dirty.shabby. adjective. dressed in clothes that are old or in bad condition.down-at-heel. adjective. … dishevelled. adjective. … ragged. adjective. … slovenly. adjective. … wind-blown. adjective.More items…

What is something dirty?

The definition of dirty is something soiled, unclean or impure. A job that causes your hands to become covered in filth is an example of a dirty job. A dish that has bits of old food on it is an example of a dirty dish. Impure or sinful thoughts are an example of dirty thoughts.

How would you describe a dirty street?

Here are some adjectives for dirty street: bleak, narrow, dreary, grim, noisy, nasty, low, single, long, dark, wide, old. You can get the definitions of these adjectives by clicking on them.

What is another word for not clean?

What is another word for not clean?soileddirtyickyscummysloppyunhygienicunsanitaryspottedcontaminatedinsanitary127 more rows

How do you describe clothes?

Here are some adjectives for clothes: expensive casual, sad casual, best and most uncomfortable, stiff and expensive, green european, loud, colorful, quietly upper-class, funny, furry, commonly splendid, uncouth best, ragged but conventional, uncomfortable european, clean and reasonably neat, cheap, tattered, beautiful …