What Does VXL Mean?

Which is better Traxxas Slash or rustler?

Rustler would be a little faster and not handle slightly longer grass as well and has a more aerodynamic sporty body.

Slash would have a bit more clearance and torque for grass and be more protected by the body.

Both are pretty similar middle ground between a monster truck and buggy..

Is traxxas an American company?

Traxxas is a radio control model manufacturer based in McKinney, Texas. Traxxas offers electric and nitro powered radio-controlled cars, off-road and on-road vehicles, boats, and drones….Traxxas.TypePrivateFounded1986HeadquartersMcKinney, Texas, United StatesProductsRadio-controlled cars/trucks, boats, and quadcopters5 more rows

What does Traxxas RTR mean?

Ready-to-RunYou can get your RC car already assembled (RTR=Ready-to-Run) or you can do the assembly yourself. As the name implies, Ready-to-Run cars are already assembled and typically only require a battery to run, whereas the kits don’t include electric components and you assemble the car yourself.

What does TSM mean for RC cars?

Traxxas Stability ManagementTraxxas Stability Management (TSM) allows you to experience the power and speed of your Traxxas model by making it easier to control on slippery surfaces. TSM senses the vehicle’s direction and makes steering corrections to provide acceleration without fishtailing, spinouts, and loss of control.

How fast is the Traxxas Rustler VXL?

70mphThe Velineon™ Brushless Power System launches Rustler VXL to speeds that reach beyond 70mph while Traxxas Stability Management keeps you in total control. Hardcore, wheel-standing acceleration completely blows everything else away.

What does VXL stand for?

VXLAcronymDefinitionVXLVoxel (volume pixels)VXLVision something Libraries