Which State Code Is An?

Why is AP 39?

Atchannaidu said vehicles registered anywhere in the State will bear the new code.

The government implemented the new AP 39 A 0002 code to end the practice of people getting wrong resident certificates to get their vehicles registered with fancy numbers, he said..

What is Texas State Code?

44Two-Digit State Code ListingState CodeState Name41South Carolina42South Dakota43Tennessee44Texas47 more rows•Dec 5, 2000

What is the state code in GST?

What is a State Code Under GST? As per the GSTIN format, the first two digits represent the state code in which the business entity is registered under GST law. The state indicates the state in which a business entity is located, carries its business and thus is registered from that state under GST.

Who is Ri?

R.I. listen), like road), officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, is a state in the New England region of the United States. It is the smallest U.S. state by area and the seventh least populous, but it is also the second most densely populated.

What American state is WA?

US State Abbreviations – State Capitals – State LinksUS States, Capitals, and Government LinksWashingtonWash.WAWest VirginiaW.Va.WVWisconsinWis.WIWyomingWyo.WY47 more rows

Which state code is PY?

What are the valid codes for states and union territories?StateTINState CodeNagaland13NLOdisha21ODPondicherry34PYPunjab03PB28 more rows

What is a state code number?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. FIPS state codes were numeric and two-letter alphabetic codes defined in U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard Publication (“FIPS PUB”) 5-2 to identify U.S. states and certain other associated areas.

Which state is AR in India?

Arunachal PradeshSubdivisionsNameCodeOfficial statusArunachal PradeshARStateAssamASStateBiharBRStateChhattisgarhCGState33 more rows

Is FIPS code same as zip code?

FIPS codes are five-digit codes that are assigned to each U.S. county. … Think of it like a fancy version of a ZIP Code or postal code that distinguishes a county. FIPS codes are easier to utilize in data and information systems than state and county names.

What are the 50 US states?

Alphabetical List of 50 StatesAlabama. Alaska. Arizona. Arkansas. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware. Florida. … Indiana. Iowa. Kansas. Kentucky. Louisiana. Maine. Maryland. Massachusetts. … Nebraska. Nevada. New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. North Dakota. … Rhode Island. South Carolina. South Dakota. Tennessee. Texas. Utah. Vermont. Virginia.

What state is MI stand for?

State AbbreviationsPostal Abbreviations for States/Territories18316/1963MichiganMic. T.MICHMinnesota–MINNMississippiMi.MISS49 more rows

What state is MD stand for?

Md. Mar., Mary. Massachusetts. State.